Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Go Together

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Lin Jing slowly sensed the panthers kindness. She stood up, but suffered a severe dizziness once she got up, her sight turning blurry. As she nearly passed out, the black panther hurriedly moved backward to let her fall on its back.

After the intense fight and struggle, Lin Jing was exhausted. Her body already had enough to cope with. She felt that the panther wouldnt hurt her, so she relaxed and fell into unconsciousness.

On the other side of the base, Lan Lu and the others had all been staring at the two level-six zombies. Those two had been keeping a safe distance from the base, so Lan Lu didnt plan to attack them, unless they approached further.

As Lan Lu didnt make a move, the others didnt do anything either.

Soon, another figure showed up beside the two.

Thats Chang Qingqing found the third zombie carrying a person in his arms. He was moving toward the two level-six zombies.

Thats a zombie dominator, said Lan Lu.

Hes holding someone! Chang Qingqing said with a frown.

Ill go and take a look, Lan Lu said, then leaped out of the window and moved fleetingly toward the three zombies.

If they werent with a human being, Lan Lu would ignore them. However, they clearly had brought someone out of the base. He couldnt pretend not to see it.

Lin Kui sensed Lan Lus movement right away. He didnt make any large reaction, but paused on top of a building, then turned around and quietly watched Lan Lu come up to him. The fainted Lin Jing was carried in his arms.

Mo and Ye Qingxian stood behind him, staring at Lan Lu alertly.

Lan Lu landed on top of the building across the street. He stood at the edge of the roof, looking at the three quiet zombies. He narrowed his eyes and saw the three zombies dark eyes sparkle with a different colored light. He worked with zombies all the time, so he could clearly tell that those three zombies werent showing any hostility toward him, but were only instinctively vigilant against him.

Lan Lu had no idea who the three zombies were, or if they could communicate with humans. He tried to ask them a question as a start, Do you want to take her away?

The zombie dominator carried the woman with a strange posture. It was not like a zombie holding its prey. On the contrary, he seemed to be protecting her carefully. Therefore, Lan Lu immediately figured that he wouldnt hurt that woman.

Lin Kui nodded silently.

Lan Lu looked at him with surprise and continued, Do you understand me? I think youre not a normal zombie.

Arent you guys the same? Youre not normal humans. Which normal human hangs out with zombies? Ye Qingxian said to Lan Lu with a slightly sarcastic tone.

Hearing Ye Qingxians dry and hoarse voice, Lan Lu laughed and said knowingly, Youre from All Beings Base, arent you? Can you tell me about your relationship with her? I need to know if shell be safe with you at least.

Shell be safer with us than in your base, because well protect her, said Ye Qingxian. He was trying to say that Lin Jing had a rough time in Green Mountain Base. The sallow look on her face indicated that clearly.

Lan Lu paused briefly, then thought for a moment and asked, So, are you bringing her back to All Beings Base?

This time, Ye Qingxian didnt answer his question, so Lin Kui nodded to respond instead.

Lan Lu nodded, then thought briefly and said, In this case, maybe you can wait for a couple of days and then go together with our people. I remember that we have made an agreement with your base recently. We can travel together. What do you think?

Lei Cheng and his people had returned with Lin Qiaos offer. However, Lin Kui didnt know about that deal, because he wasnt in All Beings Base at that time.

Lin Kui looked at Lan Lu bewilderedly.

Ah, it seems that you dont know about it yet. How about I show you the contract? Seeing the look on Lin Kuis face, Lan Lu guessed out what he was thinking.

Lin Kui thought for a moment, then nodded and finally said a word, Please. His voice was hoarse as well.

Would you like to take a rest in our base? said Lan Lu smilingly.

Lin Kui shook his head and responded, Thank you, but no. Well wait here.

Lan Lu nodded and said, Alright then. Ill be back in a minute. After saying that, he turned and returned to the base.

Lin Kui and his friends didnt wait for long as Lan Lu soon returned with a short-haired girl.

This is the contract. You can check if this signature of your Chief is genuine, Lan Lu raised the contract.

Lin Kui held Lin Jing and stayed motionless. Mo, who was staying silent the whole time, walked out from behind him. He walked up to Lan Lu, took over the contract, and then brought it back to Lin Kui.

Lin Kui handed Lin Jing to Ye Qingxian, then took over the contract and read it. It was indeed signed by the Chief lady of All Beings Base. After confirming that, he nodded and handed the contract back to Mo, who handed it back to Lan Lu.

When will you leave? He asked.

Tomorrow, said Lan Lu, We have listed the names. The second explosion of the virus overset our plan.

Lin Kui nodded and said, Okay. Well be here tomorrow.

Having finished talking, he carried Lin Jing, then turned and left together with Mo and Ye Qingxian.

In All Beings Base, all the zombies outside the base had been summoned to the farm in Mount. Wu area. Therefore, Zuo Chen and his people didnt see the zombie wall when they entered the base.

Recently, too many people had been out there. To avoid unnecessary trouble, Yuan Tianxing, Qiu Lili, Yun Meng and the others ran a discussion, then decided to remove the zombie wall temporarily and bring all the zombies at or above level-three to Base Number Two.

The disguise was still needed though. All the zombies were equipped with clean clothes, sunglasses, hats. The All Beings Base people started to notice the soldiers in camouflage suits, hats and sunglasses, who showed up in their base from time to time. Those soldiers faces couldnt be seen clearly.

Those soldiers normally stayed far away from the people in the base.

Zuo Chen and his people entered All Beings Base and told the base managers that they intended to join the base. Once in, they started gathering information, soon learning about Base Number Two. They thought that All Beings Base had an inner zone and an outer zone like the other bases, and believed that Base Number Two was the inner zone, as normal people didnt have access to that area.

They had no idea who else were living in Base Number Two, but knew that the Chief lady was living there at the very least.

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